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Welcome! I am Sarah Porcenaluk, and I am currently on a math journey which entails learning how to best educate and excite students about mathematics. Join me on my quest for knowledge and gain invaluable tools and skills to help your students along the way.

Check out my three-minute talk at the University of Galway’s Threesis competition in 2022. How can teachers be empowered to ask more higher-level thinking questions? Why is this critical to transforming mathematics education? And what do Pringles have to do with math?

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Fresh Focus

Explore the world of mathematics education as we dive into journals, videos, and blogs focused on how to teach mathematics to all students.

Covering The Content

What is the best method for teaching this standard to my students? Is there another way? Review videos of various strategies to grow your pedagogy.

It seems there is an infinite amount of resources out there and a finite amount of time to investigate them. Here you can find resources I find helpful on my journey in learning mathematics.